MP3: Ellie Goulding – “Only Girl” (Rihanna Cover)


U.K. pop songstress Ellie Goulding has reworked a sultry pop gem from Rihanna and transformed it into a fragrant, compelling piece of music that is literally stunning at first listen. Performed live for BBC Radio One (it's been a good week for them), “Only Girl” is essentially a different song entirely. Gone is the electro-pop, bass heavy dance production that has become the norm in today's r&b scene. Gone is Rihanna's, at times, excessive vocalization and any relevance to the dance floor. Instead, we're given Goulding's soulful vocals, accompanied by a cascade of surging violin strings and acoustic guitars. Combined, it presents “Only Girl” as an expressive tearjerker.... never saw that coming.

DOWNLOAD: Ellie Goulding - Only Girl (Rihanna Cover)