MP3: EMA - "Milkman"


Only a week left until Erika M. Anderson a.k.a. EMA (formerly of Gowns) drops her debut solo full length, Past Life Martyred Saints. The rock songstress and formidable lyricist has been enticing us with cuts from the album for a little while now, first with the monumental “The Grey Ship” and most recently, a wonderfully pissed off song called “California.

Her latest, “Milkman,” is surely louder and more aggressive than those two cuts, brimming with noise pop construction and all sorts of distorted samples that echo alongside her pained, tortured vocals: “I'm gasping, I'm gasping.” Check out “Milkman” below, and grab Past Life Martyred Saints when it drops in the U.S. On May 10th via Souterrain Transmissions. It comes out everywhere else on June 4th.

EMA - "Milkman" (MP3)