REC'D MP3s: Iron & Wine - Daytrotter Session


With the January 25 release date of Kiss Each Other Clean coming closer and closer, folk prodigy Sam Beam has made the wait a little easier on us, with a recent session on Daytrotter that includes acoustic versions of his second single “Tree By The River” (MP3), and new song, “Glad Man Singing.” He also performs some older Iron & Wine favorites, including 2004's “Naked As We Came” and “Godless Brother” from his B-sides compilation, Around The Well.

Though it is said that Kiss Each Other Clean will find Beam trying different methods of recording and adapting hints of electronic persuasion, the Daytrotter session finds him at his most endearing, consisting solely of his lovely voice and acoustic guitar. This is truly the way these ballads were meant to be heard; “Tree By The River” sounds even larger stripped bare, on “Naked As We Came” each guitar pluck is carefully delivered, as Beam delivers his folksy resonance with ease. Previously unreleased “Glad Man Singing,” which will appear on Kiss Each Other Clean, recalls his Fleetwood Mac influences, Beam's “ooooohs” and “aaahhhhs” charming as always. Only 12 days left...

MP3: Iron & Wine - Glad Man Singing (Daytrotter Session)

Listen to and download the entire session over at Daytrotter.