MP3: Kurt Vile - "Jesus Fever" / "In My Time"


Philadelphia guitarist and songwriter Kurt Vile will drop his second LP for the excellent Matador Records in early March – to tide fans over until Smoke Ring For My Halo drops, he’s released two tracks from the record, “Jesus Fever” and “In My Time.” “Jesus Fever” runs nimbly around a guitar riff that becomes totally unpredictable just when you think you get it, switching from minor to major to minor again over constant, driving drums. “In My Time” is a little more soothing, full of jangly guitars and tambourine – compared with “Jesus Fever,” it’s a bit less complex, but no less listenable. Both are great songs -– if the rest of the record continues in this vein, it’ll be an early contender for one of the best of the year. Download both tracks below:

Kurt Vile - Jesus Fever

In My Time