MP3: Lightouts - "All I Want / Heroes" (LCD Soundsystem / David Bowie Cover)


Brooklyn rockers Lightouts share their third single after their Killers-esque debut single "See Clear" and "And It Comes and Goes" (we shared catchy b-side "Faces, Places"). We said we'd be on the look out for new tunes from this promising band, and we've just received their third single featuring three new songs, including this very interesting re-imagining of LCD Soundsystem's “All I Want” and David Bowie's “Heroes” merged into one.

Lead singer Greg Nelson, with that familiar and agreeable tenor of his, sings James Murphy's verse first over a pulsating instrumental accompaniment, than transitions into “Heroes” for the second verse, and kinda goes back and forth after that. It's really quite creative and it works as well as we expected it to. If you recall, back when we first heard/fell in love with LCD Soundsystem's"All I Want", we compared it to Bowie's personally life-changing "Heroes", so it's a treat to hear to two songs performed together by musicians as talented as Lightouts.

Lightouts - "All I Want / Heroes" (LCD Soundsystem / David Bowie Cover) (MP3)