mp3: Mat Cothran and Delaney Mills, "Better Off Alone" (Alice Deejay Cover)

Listen to the best cover of Alice Deejay's classic that you'll EVER hear
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You may have never heard of Mat Cothran and Delaney Mills before (they both play in the South Carolina DIY band Elvis Depressedly) but you definitely grew up in the same generation. I mean, no one could have lived through the nineties without bumping Alice Deejay's iconic "Better Off Alone." It still manages to find its way onto my playlist rotation - mind you, I'm quite the fan for nostalgia. What's so frekin awesome about Cothran and Mills' cover, though, is how they manage to make it sound so similar to the original while completely stripping it down. I mean, this thing is as raw and lo-fi as oldschool Woods, bringing the mainstream Eurodance radio tracks of the 90's to a whole other world. It's also classic stoner rock, another reason this will set you on a nostalgia trip. Download the song below: