MP3: Memory Tapes - "Today Is Our Life"


New Jersey chillwaver Dayve Hawk aka Memory Tapes warms up for his musical project’s second full length record with another teaser single (following “Pretend the Devil Isn’t Real”) with “Today Is Our Life.”

It’s a left-fielder for Hawk, and maybe that’s why it’s so good. Effortlessly positive, sweet as sugar, bright as sunshine, Hawk drops the lyric “Happiness is real!” before breaking into a whirling, sunny guitar (!!) solo. If this is any indication of the rest of Memory Tapes’ sophomore effort, you can probably stop using the word “chillwave” when you talk about this band – “Today Is Our Life” sounds like Beach House here and Vampire Weekend there. Give it a download.

MP3: Memory Tapes - Today Is Our Life