MP3: Neon Indian - "Children of the Revolution" (T. Rex Cover)


Just last week, psychedelic and chillwave favoring Neon Indian dropped a new music video for his latest single from Psychic Chasms, “Mind Drips.” The outfit, fronted by composer Alan Palomo, has now released a new track, a rendition of British glam rock band T. Rex's “Children of The Revolution.”

Customary to Neon Indian, the cover consists of glitchy Nintendo like sounds, Palomo's hazy, unrecognizable vocals backed with a boisterous electronic bass. Assuredly, it sounds little to nothing like the freaky, badd ass original, nor is it meant to be. The cover will be available on Fat Possum's reissue of T-Rex's 1973 record, Tanx, out in February. You can download the cover below:

DOWNLOAD: Neon Indian - Children of the Revolution (T. Rex Cover)

Here's the original: