MP3: OFWGKTA's Hodgy Beats - "So Long"

Hodgy Beats of OFWGKTA

“I can't sleep. Fuck. I smoked. Fuck. Just recorded a 16 on my Macbook. I might release a rough snippet. Produced by me. Fuck this snippet is good......Okay..... Imma post it....” This is the tweet attached to the quick “snippet” called “So Long” which OFWGKTA member Hodgy Beats is giving away for free on his tumblr account. This comes just one day after Hodgy premiered new song “Analog” with Tyler The Creator on BBC Radio 1, from Tyler's forthcoming Goblin LP.

“So Long” is short and sweet, constructed with synth pop and electronic sounds, giving Hodgy the opportunity to rap for 16 bars. Download it below, and cop Tyler'sGoblin once it drops May 10th on XL Records. Seriously.

Hodgy Beats - "So Long" (MP3)