MP3: Parts & Labor - "Runaway" (Kanye West Cover)

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The latest installment in the A.V. Undercover series features noise-pop rockers Parts & Labor covering last year's mega triumph “Runaway” by Kanye West. When asked about why they chose the song, co-frontman Dan Friel said “we figured we'd just do the one that's most difficult and ridiculous.”

The New York based rock group certainly alter the track, playing the same melody but with heavily distorted guitar riffs, eerie sounds in the background, and some seriously insane drumming. B.J. Warshaw totally makes Kanye's lyrics his own, mind you he skips over all the verses and pretty much only sings the chorus. Nonetheless it's a super sweet and original cover with a seriously bad ass mosh-heavy section. Check it.

Parts & Labor - "Runaway" (Kanye West Cover) (MP3)