Mp3: PC Music's A.G. Cook, "Beautiful"

Download an upbeat new pop song from the PC Music head honcho
A.G. Cook PC Music

We've been keeping up to date with pretty much everything London-based label PC Music has been throwing at us, and with good reason: they're trying to completely revolutionize pop music, and have been rather successful thus far. Lead by the mysterious A.G. Cook, the label is keen on blending the worlds of glitchy, experimental bubblegum pop (see the Lipgloss Twins) with retro, quirky dance music. If you're interested in hearing exactly what that sounds like, look no further, as Cook's latest offering is the epitome of the PC Music mantra: it's upbeat, unpredictable, and endlessly happy, delivered in a neat, finely produced package. Download "Beautiful" below, and expect to hear a lot more about this crew as 2014 progresses.