MP3: Phone Tag - "Let It Go" & Look and Feel EP


On the popular Gorilla vs Bear, Brooklyn artist Small Black posted a short mixtape that featured his own revamped version of Nicki Minaj's “Your Love,” a track from Oneohtrix Point Nerve and one from new Brooklyn trio Phone Tag called “Let It Go.” The track is pretty much as close to the beach without actually getting there; a tropical synth pop jam that is dreamy as it is jovial. Gryphon Graham's reverberated vocals are endearing alongside the xylophone sounds and reggae-like surroundings. Phone Tag released their first EP, Look and Feel, on Bandcamp today, describing their music as “looking up at sunlight shining through the seawater from underneath.” Judging from “Let It Go,” their depiction is spot on. Listen to and download the song below:

DOWNLOAD: Phone Tag - Let It Go

You can stream all of Phone Tag's EP / cassette tape, Look and Feel below: