mp3: Speedy Ortiz's Sadie Dupuis, "The Last Page" (Emily Haines Cover)

Download the Speedy Ortiz frontwoman covering the Metric frontwoman

If you're a Speedy Ortiz fan - and if you heard last year's kick-ass Major Acarna than chances are that you are - you'll be pleased to know that frontwoman Sadie Dupuis spends her free time making solo music. Specifically, it seems, she's interested in covers, after reinterpreting Ciara's "Ride", Josie and the Pussy Cats' "Pretend to be Nice" and now, she's released a cover of Emily Haines' "The Last Page." The song appears on Haines' Knives Don't Have Your Back, her first solo album apart from her bandmates in Metric and Broken Social Scene. Sam Rosenberg, frontman of Baltimore band Two Inch Astronaut, appears on the Dupuis cover to provide backup vocals. Dupuis succeeds in recreating the song through her own grungy, scuzzy, garage-rocky vision, eliminating most, if not all, traces of pop that were apparent. Check out both versions below: