MP3: The Kills - "DNA"


It's beginning to appear that Blood Pressures will be the most polished and accessible of The Kills' catalogue, one that is somewhat prolific considering that frontwoman Alison Mosshart has dedicated the last two years to her side project, The Dead Weather. The duo of her and Jamie Hince dropped the first single “Satellite” from the forthcoming album a few weeks ago and are now giving away the next tune for free, in a swap for your email address (that totally has become the thing to do these days).

“DNA” is hard hitting off the bat, but not inordinately punk like their earlier songs, sharing that in common with “Satellite.” Though it's dark and mysterious, accredited to the grimy riffs and bad ass drum rolls, it's also got a very pop feel to it, with lyrics that are ridiculously easy to sing along to. It might be the catchiest song they've ever come out with. Blood Pressures comes out April 5th on Domino.

The Kills - "DNA"