MP3: The Streets - "Close The Book"


Wipe your tears away, ladies and gents, The Streets has called it a day. In loo if his takeover of the influential U.K. online magazine, the Guardian's Blog, Skinner is giving away a few cuts that do not appear on his final album as The Streets, Computers And Blues, out this week. As a fitting gesture, one of these songs, that he's claimed is the last to be released under The Streets moniker, is called “Close The Book” (if you recall, the opening track on his debut Original Pirate Material was called “Turn The Page”), a full circle of sorts, and a poignant goodbye.

The violin absorbed instrumental is obviously meant to inspire heartache; you can literally feel the emotion as strings swivel harmoniously around a laid back drum beat. Skinner will remain on The Guardian's Blog for the remainder of the week, so be on the lookout for more tracks that didn't make the cut, that he has referred to as “shit.” We at PMA are definitely going to miss him.

MP3: The Streets - Close The Book