MP3: The Streets - "Going Through Hell" (Diplo Remix)


We've all been trying to deal with the news of Mike Skinner's upcoming final record under The Streets moniker, Computers and Blues. In a comforting act, the acclaimed rapper just announced he'll be dropping another LP before that, called Cyberspace and Reds (there seems to be an ongoing theme here). With tons of his new songs out influenced by house and dubstep, it's of little surprise that Diplo remixed The Streets' most recent single, the disarmingly pop-rock “Going Through Hell.” Diplo creates that dubstep pandemonium he's renown for, applying vigorous amounts of drum & bass and techno before quieting the storm to draw attention to Skinner's rhymes. Computers and Blues is still set for Feb 7th, no confirmed date on Cyberspace and Reds yet... Watch this space.

DOWNLOAD: The Streets - Going Through Hell (Diplo Remix)

There have been quiteafew new Streets songs leaked by Mr. Skinner. Check them all out here. Diplo has also been busy remixing the likes of Robyn and Deerhunter.