MP3: Tyler the Creator - Summer Camp Mix


Tyler, The Creator and his OFWGKTA gang is currently on tour in Europe, which is a new experience for the young Los Angeles collective. To remind himself of summers back home, Tyler created a new moniker (DJ Stank Daddy) and released a summer camp mix of songs he likes to listen to, to which he attached this statement: “Hi. I’m On A Big Tour In Europe Right Now, Pretty New To This. I’m Used To Spending Summers Not Doing Anything Productive With My Friends. I’m Really Fucking Home Sick, Not Only That, I Have A Cast On, So, To Feel Better, I Put Together An Hour Mix Of Songs That I Like To Listen To, That Reminds Me Of Summer Back Home. Fuck A Tracklist, Figure It Out. GOLFWANG.”

Yes, unfortunately it was not difficult to conjure up a tracklist after listening to the mix, which includes songs from Toro Y Moi, Clipse, Smith Westerns, Real Estate, Grizzly Bear, Gucci Mane and more. Shouldn't surprise anyone that Tyler, err I mean DJ Stank Daddy, is a big hipster deep down. Check out the mix below, and enjoy his rantings in between songs.

MP3: Tyler the Creator - Summer Camp Mix

Sleep (Feat. Coco O) – Homebase NYC
Gangsta Lean (Feat. Pharrell) – Clipse
Why You Wanna – T.I.
Imprint After – Toro Y Moi
Fuck All Nite (Feat. Pharrell) – Jay-Z
Jake Ryan – Summer Camp
Hey Ma (Feat. Juelz Santana) – Cam’ron
Gone Baby, Don’t Be Long – Erykah Badu
Yeah You – N.E.R.D
Party (Feat. Andre 3000) – Beyonce
Slow Country – Gorillaz
Frontin’ (Feat. Jay-Z) – Pharrell
How I Know – Toro Y Moi
Analog (Feat. Hodgy Beats) – Tyler, the Creator
Unknown New Tyler, the Creator Song
Black Lake – Real Estate
Weekend – Smith Westerns
Have It All (Feat. Pharrell) – Gucci Mane
A Long Walk – Jill Scott
Too High – Stevie Wonder
I Get Around – 2Pac
Drunk (Feat. Mike G) – Domo Genesis
Ready, Able – Grizzly Bear
Let’s Get Blown (Feat. Pharrell) – Snoop Dogg
A Chip In The Hand – James Pants
Outstanding – Gap Band

Tyler, The Creator - "French" (Toro y Moi Remix)