MP3: Vampire Weekend - "Fight For This Love"


Where would we be without you BBC Radio 1? After recently airing exclusive live sessions with Gold Panda, Flying Lotus, Ellie Goulding and PJ Harvey, the station has added a new band to their impressive roster, everyone's favorite preppy New Yorkers, Vampire Weekend. The group performed a live rendition of frontman Ezra Koening's “second favourite song,” last year's “Fight For This Love,” by U.K. songstress Cheryl Cole.

The exuberant pop single receives the same jovial attitude on the V.W. reworking, bearing much resemblance to “Ottoman,” from Nick And Norah's Infinite Playlist. A full brass section, Chris Baio's masterful bass and Ezra's playful vocals makes this track truly their own. Listen to and download the track below:

DOWNLOAD: Vampire Weekend - Fight For This Love