mp3: Vic Mensa, "Major Payne"

Download Mensa's homage to the Damon Wayans-starring film

And the evolution of Vic Mensa continues to unfold. Once known only as a Chance the Rapper collaborator, Mensa has been making big moves in 2014, being named a XXL Freshman, and putting out a behemoth of a track with "Down On My Luck," which finds him embracing beat-friendly dance music that Disclosure would likely endorse - he could have gone down a completely other path if he went for the more mainstream dubstep sound. Thank goodness he didn't. Mensa has now released a new track called "Major Payne" (named after the 1995 Damon Wayans flick) which continues to display his affinity for EDM, though this one's foundation is built more in rap than its predecessors. Cop it below.