MP3: Washed Out - "New Theory" (RAC Remix)


Washed Out’s “New Theory” is one of the best songs on Ernest Greene’s zeitgeist-defining 2009 chillwave opus Life of Leisure, and remix collective RAC has constantly impressed, churning out some of our favorite remix work over the last few years, so it makes sense that an RAC re-do of “New Theory” would be awesome.

It’s calm and tender, retaining, for the most part, that overarching, sweeping Washed Out fuzz – but everything, thanks to RAC, seems more defined here, more separate. The original still has more end-of-the-summer slow-dance potential, but you might want to keep the remix on hand to switch it up.

Washed Out - New Theory (RAC Mix)

RAC Vol 2 is out March 4. Follow this link for more awesome remixes from RAC.