MP3: Yuck - "Coconut Bible"


We love buzzy London quintet Yuck and their nineties-college-radio amalgamating sound (see: “Rubber,” which sounds like a sunshine headache), and we’re really psyched for their upcoming self-titled debut record. The band keep dropping tracks to tide us over until its release on Fat Possum in February – first was “Holing Out” and next is “Coconut Bible,” its b-side.

The new song is melodic and driving in a head-nodding, finger-snapping, radio-ready way – guitars chime and wail through that familiar hungover dirty drone (classically Yuck because it’s classically alt-rock), strained vocals sound delivered through a megaphone. Sounds like waking up in the early afternoon, sun flares through Venetian blinds. Rub the sleep out of your eyes!

MP3: Yuck - Coconut Bible