MP3: Mr Fogg - "Stay Out of the Sun"

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Mr Fogg is English electronic musician Phil Barry, who derived the name of his project from Jules Verne’s Around the World in Eighty Days and his echoey, confessional electro from something a little more, uh, modern – his latest single “Stay Out of the Sun” plays pretty accurately to the hyperniche of the London artstep hype explosion, what with its skittering, syncopated drum machine and minimalist piano chords, but it’s got a little something special too.

Barry’s almost-whispered falsetto and those explosive moments when synth drones fade in and out of static like trying to find a working radio station on a vacant road in the dead of night set “Stay Out of the Sun” apart – these moments are chilling and beautiful, truly passionate. Stream below. You can download the track in exchange for your email address.

MR FOGG - "Stay Out of the Sun"