MP3: Mr Little Jeans - "Runaway" (Fool's Gold remix)

Mr Little Jeans

If we love two things, they’re probably Mr Little Jeans’ “Runaway” and the world-beat jam band Fool’s Gold, so obviously we can't stop listening to the latter’s remix of the former. Monica Birkenes’ voice is probably the greatest thing ever; that is, if Fool’s Gold’s simultaneously worldly and otherworldly beat isn’t––clattering percussion, sweeping phasers, and hypnotic atmospherics serve to amp up the track’s danceability without detracting from Birkenes’ power. We particularly dig how Fool’s Gold chops up Birkenes’ voice toward the end before the whole thing devolves into bongo jamming. Check it out.

MP3 | Mr Little Jeans: "Runaway" (Fool's Gold Remix)

MP3: Mr Little Jeans – “Runaway” (WAVVES Remix)
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