Music From Gossip Girl: Season 3, Episode 9


This season of Gossip Girl has been slow and (more often than not) boring. So slow and boring that I just watched episode 9, thus the tardiness of this post.


I'm going to switch up the way I do these because the plot hasn't been the only thing taking a toll this season. I'll still give you every week's full playlist, but I'll focus on the tracks that truly made the episode special.

No track played this entire season deserves it more than Anya Marina's wonderful cover of T.I.'s radio-killed "Whatever You Like".

Anya Marina - Whatever You Like (T.I. Cover)

This really takes "Whatever You Like" to another level of modern masterpiece-dom, doesn't it?

One for the Team's "Questions and Panthers", the first gorgeous track off their Build A Garden EP was also feature on this week's episode. The timeless quality of the track may have been subdued in its particular use on Gossip Girl, but it is a fantastic track nevertheless.

One For The Team - Questions and Panthers

Basement Jaxx and Santigold's "Saga" was the track Alex Pastavas decided to score that soon-to-be infamous "threesome scene" between *spoiler* Dan, Olivia, and Whatsherface. Sure, I was disappointed that they didn't use Britney Spears' "3" (I mean really!), but I quickly got over it once I was reminded how awesome "Saga" is.

The entertaining and satisfying earcandy from the French indie-rock girl band the Plasticines has been featured on Gossip Girl before, but on this week's episode, they actually showed up! It was priceless to see them sing "I'm a bitch! B-I-T-C-H" at Cotillion.

Plastiscines - Bitch

I can't ignore Leighton Meester's (Blair Waldorf) debut single as an "electro-pop" musician can I? It's sensual, not very catchy, but surprisingly not that bad. Watch the steamy video below:

Now for the full playlist for Gossip Girl, s03e09:

Plastiscines - Bitch
Plastiscines - I Am Down
One For The Team - Questions and Panthers
Basement Jaxx - Saga (feat. Santigold)
Leighton Meester - Somebody To Love (feat. Robin Thicke)
Anya Marina - Whatever You Like
Immoor - Bows & Arrows
Stella Project - Underneath My Skin
Stella Project - Ready To Freak
Classic - Play To Win