N.A.S.A., Lykke Li Get the Remix Treatment


N.A.S.A - Whatchadoin feat. Santogold, M.I.A., iCatching, & Spank Rock (David Starfire Remix) | A Volta feat. Amanda Blank, Lovefoxxx, & Sizzla (Database Remix)

It hasn't even a couple of weeks since the N.A.S.A. dropped, and we're already seeing some wicked remixes. The first is David Starfire's remix of "Whatchadoin," one of my favorite tracks off The Spirit of Apollo. This remix is less of a remix in terms of it changing the musicality of the song, but it adds a lot to the original track — it's a lot more enjoyable now, a lot more dancefloor-ready. I'm not sure what to think about the extra iCatching he put in there, but it seems to work fine with the song. On the second remix, Database, really transforms "A Volta" (another favorite) into a synth slow-burner. The remix starts throwing it down as soon as Amanda Blank's verse comes. Great stuff.

Lykke Li - Dance Dance Dance (80kidz Remix)

I've never really given these Tokyo based DJs a chance before, but when you remix/cover Lykke Li, I'm definitely going to be listening. I really like what the 'kidz' did with Lykke Li's "Dance Dance Dance." The humming and bubbling-under synth sounds great with the Lykke Li-style percussion and vocals played over it. This remix, or reimagination of "Dance Dance Dance" is good for recreational listening, and not so much for the dancefloor — but that's okay.

music by my inbox. art by Ulric Collete.