Neon Indian - Terminally Chill/Deadbeat Summer


Neon Indian, a mysterious electronic outfit a la Burial, The Golden Filter. Because I'm not a fan of secrets, I really didn't bother with Neon Indian, but once I heard Alan Palomo (of VEGA fame) was behind all this, my interest was once again sparked. Palomo has collaborated with NYC video artist Alicia Scardetta to form the positively creative Neon Indian. Neon Indian's debut full-length album, Psychic Chasms will hit shelves at your local record store on October 13th through Lefse Records.


Neon Indian and their "Terminally Chill" and "Deadbeat Summer" have been crafted specifically for fans of VEGA (who has been criminally ignored by PMA, by the way) or even for people looking for a decidedly less poppy Discovery. Listen to them here

Neon Indian - Terminally Chill | mp368/100
Neon Indian - Deadbeat Summer | mp366/100

Ok, real talk... what did you think about the tracks? I am definitely on the fence.