N*E*R*D - Soldier (feat. Santigold)


While the entire American college-attending population was enjoying their spring break, N*E*R*D and Santigold put on a show in Panama City, Florida for MTV. Together the two buzzin' acts performed a lively new song called "Soldier." The song is drenched in exciting, fast-paced percussion and bouncy, jamming bass and Santigold absolutely KILLS it on the hook. I can't wait to listen to this one once it has been recorded on the studio.


Santigold is quickly becoming the most fashionable accessory in today's hip-hop. From Jigga's Santi samplin' in "Brooklyn Go Hard" to NASA's double Santi feature in "Gifted" and "Whatchudoin?," I'm anticipating a hip-hop full of Santigold-hooks in 2009.

This is a little sidenote and completely unrelated to "Solider" ... but now that NASA's "Gifted" has an official music video (thus an official single now?), does anyone think that it will become a huge single? You can hardly go wrong with Kanye West nowadays. Notwithstanding, the song is brilliant on its own and I wouldn't mind hearing "Gifted" on the radio every 5 minutes. I think it deserves to be a #1 hit and give Santigold and Lykke Li some well-deserved attention.

Anywho, listen to "Soldier"