New Arctic Monkeys Songs Live - Crying Lightning / Dangerous Animals / Go-Kart / Pretty Visitor



Thanks to We All Want Someone for copping some live recordings of some new Arctic Monkeys material! Promises of a third Arctic Monkeys album fell through in 2008, but 2009 has just started and we're listening to 4 new songs already. Not bad at all.

If this third LP is anything like their first two, a new Arctic Monkeys album will, obviously, be a contender for my Top 10 come this December. Judging by these live bootlegs, the Monkeys are jumping even deeper into their music. This new stuff will probably not be as much as a sugar rush and a lot heavier, while still addictive in a fashion only the Arctic Monkeys can achieve.

The songs are called "Crying Lightning," "Dangerous Animals," "Go-Kart," and "Pretty Visitors" and the mp3 rips below will sound a lot better than anything you'll find on YouTube. What are you waiting for?

Arctic Monkeys - Crying Lightning (Live)

Arctic Monkeys - Dangerous Animals (Live)

Arctic Monkeys - Go-Kart (Live)

Arctic Monkeys - Pretty Visitors (Live)