New Caribou "Odessa" (Nite Jewel Remix)


I think many of us have come to the consensus that Caribou's nightmare-ish "Odessa" is one of the best crafted songs of Twenty-Ten; and if you haven't head over to our first post and download it for free and get on board.

It is a consensus that, I believe, Los Angeles-based composer, songwriter, and multimedia artist Ramona Gonzalez (best known as Nite Jewel) has also reached. Nite Jewel has remixed and reworked "Odessa" completely, relieving it from its ghoul-y state and giving it a lot of room to breathe, almost to a fault. "Odessa" is airtight; routine is what keeps it in motion and ultimately what keeps the repeat button in perpetual use. Nite Jewel shows us a legitimate alternative way to listen to Odessa without sacrificing what initially pulled us in for Hype Machine hearts.