MP3: New jj x Ne-Yo - "We Can't Stop"


It's week 9 on Adult Swim's 10-week Singles Program and this time they've let out the eagerly anticipated jj and Ne-Yo collaboration. The song is called "We Can't Stop". 

"We Can't Stop" is a triptych of sorts. At nearly five and a half minutes, it's one of jj's longest songs. The first part is full of lush electronics, some of the best jj have ever offered up. The second "movement" introduces Ne-Yo, which sort of sounds like a sample, because the clip is a new Ne-Yo track that has been essentially remixed by jj. The final piece introduces a funky, purple backdrop that sounds like Janelle Monae jamming with Beach House.

All in all, the song is a great indicator that jj have not run out of ideas after all — the heavy-handed My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy references on their KILLSmixtape was a bit worrisome. jj ?4 was supposed to be out sometime this summer, but it's definitely been pushed back to fall by now.

jj - "We Can't Stop" f/ Ne-Yo (MP3)