New Kanye West, Santogold & Lykke Li - Gifted



Yeah, I know, the post title made me giddy too. Too bad I don't know much about this track... but here's what I do know:

1. Someone randomly emailed it to me, but it wasn't like it's hard to catch my attention when you put "Kanye West, Santogold, and Lykke Li" in the email header.

2. "Gifted" will be featured on N.A.S.A.'s album, The Spirit of Apollo due mid February.

3. Kanye West, Santogold, and Lykke Li on the same damn song! I should have just skipped to #3.

This song is crazy. Like, CRAZY crazy.

Listen to "Gifted" after the jump:

Kanye West, Santogold & Lykke Li - Gifted