New Lady GaGa - Poker Face (Acoustic Version)



Lady GaGa is the most promising pop acts around at the moment and I do love pop music. Unlike most people, I don't write off GaGa as a wannabe-Britney (or, ultimately, wannabe-Madonna), she is definitely something entirely different. She isn't covering any new ground, but she is intriguing.

She writes her own songs and was heavily involved in the production of her critically acclaimed debut, The Fame (which missed my Top Albums of 2008 list by a hair, btw). One particular song on The Fame really stands out: "Poker Face." The track is a ridiculously infectious synth-tastic cut that gives The Knife and Robyn a run for their money.

Then GaGa went completely Konichiwa Bitches on us and popped her pretty little retro-sexual head at Cherry Tree Records and performed a piano-led rendition of her next  #1 hit ("Just Dance" has just topped Billboard's Hot 100!). I was actually a bit skeptical when I heard that GaGa had pushed the danceability aside and laid "Poker Face" out in such a way. As it turns out, "Poker Face" sounds great acoustic. Who knew...

Lady GaGa - Poker Face (Acoustic Version)

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