New Lady Sovereign - I Got You Dancing


Seriously? Wow this is so cool. I'll be honest here, the only Lady Sovereign song I've ever listened to was "Love Me or Hate Me" (or something like that), it was pretty forgettable but I do remember that I liked it. But nothing enough to make me want to listen to the rest of her album. I'm pretty sure I didn't miss much.


Anyway, "I Got You Dancing" is Lady "Biggest Midget In The Game" Sovereign's new, free, ridiculously danceable single. I also hear that this sophomote album will be released on Sovereign's barely established record label. Maybe that's the way you DIY bands should do it — become one-hit wonders, have a flop of a debut album, wait 2-3 years and start your own label. Or go all Radiohead on everyone.

Listen to I Got You Dancing after the jump!

Lady Sovereign - I Got You Dancing