New Lil Wayne - Yes / I'm A Monster / Red Rum / Weezy Who



There are so many new Lil Wayne tracks sprouting up lately, you'd think a mixtape was slowly leaking track by track. Most of t hem aren't noteworthy, but a few of them are pretty great, which is why I waited until enough of them leaked so I can just group them in one post. No point in having 4 or 5 Weezy posts on the home page, right? Right. Well here we go..

"Yes" is fantastic crack that reminds us why Weezy calls himself the best rapper alive. P Wills jumps on the track as well. Not to sound like some cliche hip-hop blog, but this is straight fire. We all know he's working on Tha Carter IV (and probably V and VI too!) and here's too hoping we get to hear it this year. This leakage pattern seems all too familiar. Check the last one. It's just an Eminem mashup, but it gives the illusion of an actual Em/Weezy collaboration. Who wouldn't like that?

Lil Wayne & Pharrell - Yes

Lil Wayne & Mr Crisis - I'm A Monster (Remix)

Lil Wayne - Red Rum

Lil Wayne & Eminem - Weezy Who?

Mad Props to Confusion