New M.I.A. Song - Death To The Throne



Did the post title make you freak out a little? Are you mad at me now that I'm telling you there really is no new M.I.A. song, but that "New M.I.A. Song" is the title of this cool Death To The Throne remix, that they sent over last night?

For reals. They crunched up the vocals from M.I.A. favorites: "Bucky Done Gun," "Jimmy," and "Pull Up The People" and morphed it into one big remix. Entitling it "New M.I.A. Song" is just a hype experiment they're executing and PMA is more than happy to oblige with those.

In all honesty, this remix is pretty great. I haven't been aware of Death To The Throne's existence for long — I think it was their remix of Lykke Li's "Little Bit" that turned me on to their tunage. This is a goodie for sure. Cop it: