NEW MP3: jj - "Let Them" (Akon Sample) & "I'm The One / Money On My Mind" (The xx Sample)



After months of silence, Sweden's hip-hop friendly pop duo jj have returned with a new digital single, airy rhythm & beats jam "Let Go" backed with the xx- sampling b-side "I'm The One / Money on My Mind". The single's four-and-a-half minute main frame heavily sample's Akon's Platinum- selling 2008 smash hit "Right Now (Na Na Na)". This isn't the first time jj have tipped the hat on their cute little Swed heads to Akon's music. Late last year, jj covered Akon's "Troublemaker" and just a few days later, sampled him before in their beloved 5 minuter med jj.

DOWNLOAD: jj - Let Them

Speaking of the 5 minuter, one of the most exciting moments of that short medley — which, turns out, was a mini showcase of music jj had been working on — was when the duo jumped on The xx's inimitable "Intro" track from their modern-classic self-titled debut. Though I don't think they changed anything up, jj have turned that clip into the short, under- two- minutes b-side, "I'm The One / Money On My Mind". jj's record label, Sincerely Yours is giving this digital single away for free, so snag the pair of MP3s below:

DOWNLOAD: jj - I'm the One Money On My Mind

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