MP3: New Nas - "Nasty" [Updated]


Could it be? Is Nas really resurrecting hip hop from the 'dead'? During a time when rappers are pretty much just kids from the suburbs complaining about nothing that warrants a four plus minute track, it's pretty nice to get some of that old school ‘Nasty Nas’ back into our headphones.

"Nasty" immediately lit up the interwebs last night and for good reason. The Salaam Remi produced track is the first single from his upcoming album, Life is Good (which will also feature a track with Common - rumored to be insanely vicious) and it showcases the Queensbridge legend spittin’ like it was 199… well the exact year is to still be determined.

We can’t say for sure if Nas’ hip hop slump has finally ended, but we are definitely eager to hear more – and hopefully that more will include some Premier produced tracks as well. Check it out. Updated with explicit, untagged version.

MP3: Nas - "Nasty" (Explicit / Untagged)