New Peter Bjorn & John / Animal Collective Dave Wrangler Remixes



I put Dave Wrangler's remix of "My Girls" up a few days ago, but I stupidly deleted it (I brainfart too, sometimes), so right when I was going to repost it, Mr. Wrangler sent over this PB&J  mashup/remix and here we are.

A lot of people dug that new Peter, Bjorn & John track that Kanye West leaked a few days ago ("Nothing To Worry About"), and now good ole Dave Wrangler has done an exquisite job of mashing and mixing it up with none other than B.I.G. I'm not a fan of Mr. Biggie, but this somehow works just fine. More than fine, even.

But the new PB&J remix has nothing on his fantastic Animal Collective remix. "My Girls," as I've said before, is my favorite track off Merriweather Post Pavilion, and I'm glad the remixes I've heard so far are doing it justice.

Catch both remixes after the jump

Peter Bjorn & John vs Notorious B.I.G. - Party & Bullshit (Dave Wrangler Nothing To Worry About Remix)

Animal Collective - My Girls (Dave Wrangler Remix)