New Rihanna & Chris Brown - Bad Girl



If you have kept up with this blog, you'd know I have a sweet tooth for Rihanna and some of Chris Brown's jams. You'd think a track with both of these lovebirds would blow me away. I probably would if Brian Kennedy (Rihanna's "Disurbia") produced the record instead of the sometimes great Polow da Don (Chris Brown's "Forever"). I'd also probably like it more if Chris Brown wasn't getting his rap on. Do like Kanye and start singing. We all heard Chris Breezy jump on "A Milli" this summer... and that is something I don't want to hear on LP3.

Spin this enough times and it does get enjoyable (have been doing so this whole time), but it's ultimately forgettable. But who's looking for the next "Umbrella," Rihanna's portion of this (it's a big portion) is fun.

Listen to "Bad Girl":

Rihanna & Chris Brown - Bad Girl