Snippet of a New-Old Song from The XX

The xx

At some point last night, I was surprised to find a snippet of a new song by the xx on my Reader. As with any "snippet" or "early demo", take the following one-minute clip with a grain of salt.

The female vocalist on the snippet doesn't sound exactly like Romy Madley Croft, but resides in the same dreamy ball park at the very least. Even if this snippet isn't legitimate, it does offer some insight into what direction the xx might be taken their music in. You can instantly recognize little nuances in the snippet that parallel those heard in Jamie xx's solo material, especially 2011 highlight"Far Nearer". Check it out below:

The xx? - "Untitled" (Snippet)

Update: According to the xx's label, Young Turks (emphasis ours): "It is The xx but it's not new, its actually about 4 years old (was made before 'xx' came out)."