New Tyga ft. Lil Wayne - Breaktime



To be honest, I've never really been a big fan of Tyga. I never really caught on when I listened to his debut No Introduction and none of the singles off the album ever clicked with ye ole ear drum. I guess I always found his cousin (Travis McCoy from Gym Class Heroes) to be a bit more interesting, but then I started to pay attention to his collaborations. I may not be a fan of his own material, but when he dips into the company ink, he does good — especially with bossman Weezy.

Just in case you didn't know, "Breaktime" isn't the first time Tyga's bumped mic's with Lil Wayne. You may remember them sharing a couple of verses on that mega "Arm's Race" remix along with Lupe Fiasco and Kanye West (among others), or on other pretty-OK tracks like "California Love," "Exquisite," and "Thinkin' Of You."

Read on for a few of my favorite songs featuring Tyga

Tyga ft. Lil Wayne - Breaktime
Lil Wayne ft. The Game, Tyga, Gudda Gudda - Put On
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