MP3: New Nicolas Jaar - "With Just Once Glance" f/ Scout LaRue


You should know this already, but we love Nicolas Jaar, the 22-year-old musician and label owner whose forays into both Kraut-y rock (as Darkside) and hyper-minimalist electro (under his own name) are irresistible, emotional, and complex enough to keep drawing our attention.

His latest release, dropped quietly in an NPR compilation at the end of last year, is the humid, mysterious slow-burner “With Just One Glance,” featuring sexy, sing-songy vocals from Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s daughter Scout Larue, percolating synths, clattering percussion, and sensual sax solos that replace a real chorus. The end product is sexy and dark, standing in the summer beneath the glow of a streetlight. Give it a listen.

NICOLAS JAAR"With Just Once Glance" f/ Scout LaRue