Check Out: Niia - "BTSTU" (Jai Paul Cover) MP3


"BTSTU" is one of those songs that stays with you for the rest of the day. In our case, it stuck with us for most of 2011. We've yet to hear peep out of Jai Paul since XL dropped his single, but since then Drake has appropriated it on a song called "Dreams Money Can Buy". Then Pusha T "freestyled" over it. And now, "BTSTU" has shown up on our radar once more, thanks to a seductive cover (that's been floating around for almost a year now) by nouveau r&b artist Niia. If you aren't familiar with Niia, this cover, and the many others on her Soundcloud page, are a great introduction. Listen to and grab an mp3 of Niia's take on "BTSTU" below: