No Age - You’re A Target



I have hardly ever listened to an EP thinking that the order was significant. Usually EPs are a collection of the band’s latest work and the best way to handle the songs are track by track. No Age’s new Losing Feeling EP actually seems to work differently.

The progression from song to song leading up to the closing track “You’re A Target” not only makes sense but adds to how good this song is. If No Age really are losing feeling, then “You’re A Target” is when they start to get the feeling back.

The drums drive the track all the way through and come out of nowhere after the first three songs on Losing Feeling. The interesting thing about “You’re A Target” is that even though the drums pick up speed, the vocals remain at a steady pace. The outcome is a successful balance of two tempos which sounds great. The whole EP is up for listening at Sub-Pop for the whole experience, but the track still sounds great on its own. Listen to it here

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