MP3: Odd Future's Domo Genesis - Under The Influence (Mixtape)


At 4:20pm Pacific Time yesterday, skilled Odd Future stoner MC, Domo Genesis dropped his latest mixtape, appropriately called Under The Influence. According to OFWGKTA, Domo raps "Mostly Over His Favorite Instrumentals, With A Couple From Uzi, Cardo And Some Other Muthafuckas." You can download the tape below:

Domo Genesis - Under The Influence(zip)

01 Mission Statement
02 Boss Life
03 Guess Who's Back
04 L'Boy's Interlude
05 More Clouds f/ Hannibal King
06 Whole City Behind Us
07 Respect
08 Lets Smoke f/ Tha Bizness
09 Glory
10 We Major
11 Shine f/ Cardo
12 Mind Games
13 Benediction f/ Uzowuru

Domo Genesis - "Benediction" (mp3)