MP3: of Montreal - "Black Lion Massacre"


This is certainly not your usual of Montreal. The eccentric Athens ensemble had stated before their most recent LP, False Priest, even came out that there would be an EP that would follow it, called The Controller Sphere. Now the release of said EP is drawing near, and the band—lead by Kevin Barnes—is giving away the first track for free in exchange for your email.

“Black Lion Massacre” is a dark, explosive journey, with no singing to be heard, heavy in distorted guitar riffs, and turbulent drumming. It's weird because Barnes had stated that it was recorded alongside False Priest, though this first cut sounds like nothing found on the funky, synth disco album. In fact, it sounds like nothing of Montreal has ever done in their 15 year existence. In his press release he referred to it as 'folk'.

of Montreal - "Black Lion Massacre" ?

The Controller Sphere comes out April 26th on Polyvinyl.