On Deck: The Antlers, jj, Bon Iver, Band of Horses, Blonde Redhead


The Antlers - "VCR" (The xx cover)

The Antlers stopped by WPGU to perform "Kettering" and "Bear" from their lauded Hospice LP, as well as a cover from another highly regarded 2009 LP. The Antlers covering the xx's "VCR" sounds like the best thing in the world right now. (read more...)

jj - "ceo birthday"

A mysterious new jj track has surface, courtesy of Swedish label, Sincerely Yours. The label dropped this mp3 with only this message: "here's to those moments when the illusions of separation collapse and we are one, we are life. here's to bonds stronger than blood. cin cin." (read more...)

Bon Iver - "Come Talk To Me" (Peter Gabriel Cover)

Out of the dozens of Record Store Day releases unleashed last Saturday, Bon Iver and Peter Gabriel's split 7" was the one I lusted after most. The single featured Justin Vernon covering Peter Gabriel's "Come Talk To Me", a returned favor for Gabriel, who covered Bon Iver's "Flume" for his underwhelming covers album, Scratch My Back. (read more...)

Band of Horses - "Factory"

With their new album, Infinite Arms out May 18th, Band of Horses are giving away a third free download. This time, album opener "Factor" has been provided by the band for free download purposes. (read more...)

Blonde Redhead - "Not Getting There"

Not since 2007's brilliant album 23, have we heard any proper new music from New York's dream-pop vets Blonde Redhead. That is, of course, until the widely-celebrated Record Store Day brought us "Not Getting There", a Blonde Redhead track featured in 4AD's one-shot 12" Fragments, which also included new tracks from Gang Gang Dance and Ariel Pink. (read more...)