REC'D MP3: Panda Bear - "You Can Count on Me" (A capella)


As if Animal Collective’s Noah Lennox didn’t do enough in 2011 – the man toured almost all new material with his real band and still found time to record and release a critically acclaimed album, Tomboy, under his solo moniker Panda Bear – he’s now reissuing a 4-CD deluxe version of that record complete with demos, instrumentals, acapellas, and non-album tracks. But don’t shrug this off as being just for the ‘heads – check out this acapella of album highlight “You Can Count On Me.”

Lennox’s soaring, layered, reverb-saturated vocals make him sound like a one-man cathedral choir. Without the distracting (but awesome) effect of any of his customary complex instrumentals, Lennox’s vocal talent and pop songwriting sensibility take center stage. You will want to listen to it on repeat for ten hours, so you should probably start now.

Panda Bear - "You Can Count on Me" (A capella) (mp3)