Passion Pit - Little Secrets & Moth's Wings



That was the official music video for Passion Pit's lead single for their upcoming album, Manners. I may have only heard 3 songs off Manners, but I am completely convinced that with that album Passion Pit will give Animal Collective and Merriweather Post Pavilion a run for their money.Manners is out May 19th, and will probably leak a couple weeks before that.

On "Little Secrets" we hear the Passion Pit electronic art-pop formula that we've heard resonating throughout their Chunk of Change EP and in "The Reeling." Michael Angelakos' unforgettable falsetto over stunning electro two-cheeks-on-the-floor beats is one sure-fire way to catch this guy's attention. Add Peter, Bjorn and John-esque choir kids singing "higher and higher and higher" and you've another fantastic track off what's shaping up to be a sensational album.

But the big knews isn't another Sleepyhead-esque song, but a song that kicks off with, drumroll.... a mandolin! Following the intriguing introduction are soft keys and sultry synths creatin a daydream atmosphere that holds until the last note, almost 4 minutes later. "Moth's Wings" is the first sign that Passion Pit are rising up to the challenge to write a song better than "Sleepyhead" — and I've got to admit, "Moth's Wings" is a worthy counteracter. Bring on Manners.

Listen to Little Secrets & Moth's Wings here
The RIAA has asked me to take "Little Secrets" down. So I did.