REC'D: PC Music's Hannah Diamond, "Attachment"

Hannah Diamond Attachment

Jerome LOL said it best when in his recent GvsB takeover he described what London based label/crew PC Music and leader Hannah Diamond were making as "Perfect British future pop." Diamond's newest single, "Attachment" is an apt introduction to her simple, wide-eyed brand of pop. It borders, sometimes quite dangerously, on kitsch, but it escapes this trap by putting on display some of the most bleeding edge sonics we've heard in a pop song all year.

PC Music feel like an exciting extension of the explosion of great pop tunes coming out of the UK right now, and just when that field is starting to feel a bit crowded with Disclosure imitators, PC are taking after SOPHIE, exploring weird, experimental takes on the cheesiest bubblegum pop songs of the 80s.

Check out a playlist of PC Music's output so far, below: